What is Web Development?

Web developers and graphic design professionals often get confused with each other. Most often, a graphic designer is also a web developer. Then, there are many other times when these are two separate professionals, but both will work together to complete a quality website.

Web DevelopmentBasics

To understand web development better, it can be looked at as web programming. The development of a website requires different types of coding to get it to perform properly, once it has gone live on the web. The web developer will focus on the code needed for the site, while the graphic designer will work on the visuals. However, the graphic designer needs some of the skills and expertise from the web developer, to be able to complete their portion of the work needed to build the website.

Two Parts of Web Development

The web developer has two sections to work on when building a website. These are comprised of the front end and the back end.

The Front End

The front end is what most clients are familiar with, as this is what visitors to the site will see. It is comprised of a variety of different types of code to make it work properly. The codes used for this are:

  • HTML, which stands for HyperText Markup Language. Every page which an individual views on the internet is created with this type of code.
  • CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheet. This is the code which dictates the style that will be used to create the appearance of the webpage.
  • JavaScript is another type of code referred to as a scripting language and allows for the web pages to interact with each other.

The Back End

The back end is the area which controls what takes place on the website. Most often, there is a database that resides in the back end, that helps with the requirements of the front end. Codes that are needed for the back end are different than those that are used for the front. There are a variety of them, and a web developer has to be aware of each of these.

The Learning Aspect

Individuals who are going to go into web development will need the proper training to learn all of the different codes or language which is necessary for the development of the website. Some individuals prefer to build their own website, and for them, they need to rely on templates that have all of the coding built into them.