The Basics of Graphic Design

Quite often, people assume that graphic designers and web designers are the same type of professional. Most often, graphic designers are web designers as well, but they are two distinct professions.

The Importance of Graphic Design

No matter whether the graphic design is going to be used in hard copy, or in other forms, or for a website, it has a high level of importance. Almost anything which is created through graphic design serves a distinct purpose.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers use different types of resources to create their images. Web designers mostly rely on computer software to help them with their graphic design for making a presence on the web. Both have the same basic concepts that they will follow when creating their graphic design.


When a graphic designer is developing a website based on the visuals, how they align everything up on a page is important. They must create a visually pleasing look. If it is not aligned properly, it can cause a distraction to the visitor, and the overall look of the site can be disorganised.


When developing a website, each page has several elements which it possesses. The designer has to create a hierarchy to bring the attention that’s needed for each of its components. This means some parts of the page will receive more attention or weight compared to other sections. The hierarchy can include where a specific segment of the page is being placed, such as content and image. It can also include using bold and different fonts or other resources that are going to bring more attention to a specific section.

Creating Contrast

Almost every page which is being created for a website by the graphic designer has certain sections that need to be emphasised. This often can be done through the use of contrast. Contrast can be comprised of different elements such as black versus white or a thinner area versus a thicker area or a section that is modern, while another area is traditional. The contrast immediately draws attention from the viewer.

Repetition is Important

Repetition is another important component of graphic design. This adds consistency to the overall layout and avoids confusion for those who are viewing the page. It creates a balanced look and one that is overall visually pleasing.

There is a lot to learn for anyone who is going to be doing graphic design for websites. However, the novice is quite capable of being able to build a simple website with the use of templates.