Avoiding Website Mistakes

When a company or any individual wants a website built, they have to realise that there are many different elements of a website. Each of these requires different levels of expertise. It also means that within each of these elements, some major mistakes have to be avoided.

The Graphic Design

A new graphic designer may not be aware of some of the common mistakes that can be made. They have a difficult task as they have to please the client visually. Some of the errors that can be made are:

  • Not focusing on the requirements of the client, but instead letting their creativity overrule the instructions.
  • Being too creative with the use of too many fonts and colours.
  • Trying to overthink each design that is being created
  • Misuse of images such as stock images or images that have copyrights

The Web Developer

The web developer has their own set of problems to deal with, although some of these are the same as the graphic designer.

The web developer has to work closely with the graphic designer if they are not doing the design themselves. They must not compete against each other but must work as a team. Some of the mistakes made are:

  • The site does not have a responsive design
  • The developer is not making use of all of the tools available to him
  • The developer is not keeping up with the use of the most updated codes

Mistakes With SEO

Both the graphic designer and the web developer will have to be aware of the basics of SEO. The majority of the responsibility for this is going to be with the content that is created for the site. Some people hire content providers.

Other prefer to create the content for the website themselves. Either way, a lot of focus has to be placed on SEO. There are many mistakes that can be made in this area of web building. Some of the common mistakes are:

  • Not paying attention to what the search engines are looking for
  • Not creating enough content to help with the SEO
  • It is essential that the right keyword strategy is used. A lot of content writers do not put enough attention into this.
  • Overusing SEO such as keyword stuffing.
  • Not preparing quality content that has value and is error-free.

Any of the mistakes made by any of the professionals that are needed for web building can have a powerful impact on how well the site does when it goes live.

It is much better to avoid the mistakes than to have to find them later. It can be difficult to determine what is preventing a website from getting appropriately ranked in the major search engines.