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We design, develop and optimise high quality websites and web applications. Whatever your concept, we will turn it into reality.

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Increase your web presence. We have, currently do and will rank any website to the top of the Google.

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Create your brand. Logo design, flyers, brochures or any other form of artwork and printing we can do it.

Welcome to Red Lion Web Design

Introducing Red Lion Web Design


If your looking for high quality web design and internet marketing; welcome, you have come to the right place. Having a website that is eye catching, functional, highly converting and engaging are the basics of successful website design. A well designed website has fast become essential to a business. Your website can often be the first point of contact with a potential customer, so you need to ensure your website makes the correct impression. Our team of web designers will take your concept and turn it into something you and your business will be proud of. No matter your budget, whether you are looking for a single page web design or a large multi-functional eCommerce website, our enthusiasm and high quality end product will be remain the same.

Our SEO service is leading the way in ethical SEO. Search engine optimisation is an ever changing landscape, we are always up to date with search engine algorithm updates and webmaster guidelines. You will undoubtly have received emails from various “SEO” companies stating they will “guarentee” you this, and that, and all for a very cheap price. Unfortunatly the majority of those companies fail to deliver genuine results, and if they do they are short term, and often their poor work will result in your website receiving a ranking penatly.

What seperates us from the rest? Ultimately proof is in the results, and there is good reason why we maintain a 100% client retention rate, rather than chat alot of “SEO jargon” we let our results do the talking. Simply put, we achieve results where others can’t and our results stick, long term. In the very rare instances we don’t hit our agreed targets, we work for free until we do. So what have you got to lose? Contact us today to see how we can not only increase your website ranking but also increase your website traffic, and ulitmatly increase your revenue.

We are very passionate about our work and ensure we provide all of our clients with a product and service which will exceed their expectations. Every project is unique, thats why we don’t have a set price list, but we can assure you our pricing is very competitive and we will work around your budget to give you optimum results.  Red Lion web design is located just outside Cardiff. Not only do we have many clients in Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol & the South West, but have clients across the entire UK and internationally.  We welcome you to visit us, call us or email us and discuss any of your SEO or web design related requirements.


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