Web Building Guide

Welcome to a website which is focused on web design, development and search engine optimisation (SEO). For those of you who are new

to these topics, you should find that this site is going to be an excellent resource for you. It is presented in easy to understand terms, all of which should help to take away some of the confusion that comes with these elements of building a website. Some of the entertaining highlights of what we have to offer you here are as follows.

Graphic Design Basics

The post which deals with this topic is going to clearly lay out what the graphic designer has to concentrate on when doing any type of graphics. It doesn’t matter whether it is for a hard copy or web presentation. Even if you are a client who is not going to be doing their own website, it helps to understand what a graphic designer has to focus on when building a site.

Web Development

It is important to distinguish between graphic artists and web developers. However, most often, the professionals who are working on a website are skilled in both areas. The post we have here talks about the two specific areas of concern which a web developer has to focus on. It will create a better understanding of

how a website functions.


Understanding what some of the common mistakes are when building a website also gives a better understanding of what goes into its creation. Our post talks about the three major areas of building a site and what mistakes need to be avoided.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a big and important topic when it comes to web building. The post we have here is fairly extensive and focuses not only on SEO in content but other components of the website, which can affect how the search engines view the site.

Web Designing and Apps

Today a lot of people use their mobile devices. They also rely on apps for convenience when doing business on the internet, or enjoying what the web has to offer when they are on the go. We have created a new and essential post here about this.